David Yeomans, Research and publications.

My research is largely concerned with the history of structures, principally dealing with the development of structural carpentry but also with the architecture of the Modern Movement, and with the development of both reinforced concrete structures and curtain walls.

Books on structural carpentry have been:
  • 'The Architect and the Carpenter', RIBA:London. 1992
  • 'The Trussed Roof: its history and development', Scolar Press:Aldershot, 1992
  • 'The Development of Timber as a Structural Material' - contribution to the series 'Studies in the History of Civil Engineering', Variorum: Aldershot, 2000.
  • 'The Repair of Historic Timber Structures', Telford: London 2003.

Books on twentieth century building are:
  • Construction since 1900, Batsford: London, 2000.
  • Owen Williams, Telford: London, 2001. (with D. Cottam)
  • A recent textbook is How Structures Work, Blackwell-Wiley, 2000

Recent journal articles include:
  • 'The prehistory of the curtain wall', Construction History, 14 (1999), 59-82.
  • ‘The origins of the modern curtain wall’, Association for Preservation Technology Bulletin, 32 No. 1 (2001), 13-18.
  • ‘Soane and timber bridges’, Construction History, 19 (2003), 47- 63
  • ‘Saving structures’, Journal of Architectural Conservation, 3 (2004)(November), 59-72.
  • ‘The safety of historic structures’, The Structural Engineer, 21 March 2006, 18-22.