Working generally on my own, I am usually involved in relatively small projects, though my specialist expertise in some areas has occasionally led to me being involved in larger ones.  I work in all the normal structural materials and on both new and existing buildings.  My areas of more specialist expertise are:
  • Historic buildings.  I have worked on a large range of historic buildings from 1320 onwards, many of them listed.
  • Timber framed structures.  I have worked on a wide range of timber structures, mostly existing but also new, and have built up working relationships with a number of specialist carpentry contractors.  Some of my work is to help them with projects that they have already won rather than me asking them to bid for projects I am helping procure.

  • Brickwork and masonry repairs.  I have built up considerable experience in assessing and repairing existing brickwork and masonry, from flint to finely worked ashlar, dating from the 14th to the 20th century.

  • London houses.  I have acquired an unusual breadth of experience of such structures, dating from 1614 to the recent past, again many of them listed or in conservation areas, and have also helped design a number of new houses here.

My work is usually based on an appointment by the client, but for some carpentry projects I have been appointed by the contractor.

    Building crafts gallery, Weald and Downland Open-Air Museum    
    Frame during erection,